Aerial photo of Marcel Tardif woodturning studio_Sumac Hill Creations

Hello World

Photo of Marcel Tardif's woodturning studio_Sumac Hill Creations Aerial photo of Marcel Tardif's woodturning studio_Sumac Hill Creations

Introduction to the New Woodturning Studio and Workshop

Hello everyone, The photos above are of the new home woodturning studio, and workshop, where ill be producing my works.

This is the begining of my new journey. Im a wood turner beyond ordinary, meaning I make things on a wood lathe, I prefer to use exotic woods from around the world as long as they are sustainable and renuable materials.

I am moving my studio from Thunder Bay Ontario to Low Banks Ontario, uprooting my life to pursue my art? My grand Children are there, my children, and my mothers family. My wife is now being uprooted from a lifetime of security so I may persue my work. This is life, a partnership, a marriage of true best friends. Im scared and excited all at the same time. So we shall see. I will try and post here as often as possible, this is my frist one as I have to learn how to do this.