A creative Soul. I’ve always been a creative person, inspired by life and its surroundings, my love for rustic woods of all kinds, rustic wood, exotic wood, wooden bowls, etc.: has always fascinated me. And my extreme passion for exotic wood is so inspirational. I started turning wood in high school in the mid 70’s and dabbled in it to keep up my interest. In September 2015, I decided to get into turning full-time after being forced into retirement because of back problems. Woodturning very quickly became an addiction and I haven’t looked back since. “I truly love the challenges of each piece of wood, I have created many things like custom bowls and platers, charcuterie boards, Tapas Boards and each piece is made from either local wood but mostly exotic sustainable woods. Each piece is completely unique and has its own personality. www.sumachillcreations.com, FB,Instagram, Snap Chat mtardif67hpa8

807 631 5205

Why I do this

Woodturning art is the most creative peaceful work I’ve ever done in my life. My love for rustic woods of all kinds especialy exotic woods, Its a way of expressing myself as I am passionate and a philosopher… So I’m told.

Why purchase or commission.

Each piece I make is unique one of a kind, that is made for you if you so choose, or purchase an already made piece, they are all signed by me. And its my legacy as an artist.

  • I make wooden bowls, charcuterie boards, tapas boards.
  • I am wood turner of local and exotic sustainable woods from around the world.
  • Wooden Bowls
  • Rustic woods
  • Lichtenberg Figures